Our Services

At Red Hammer Builders, we specialize in building custom new homes, fine home renovations, and custom home additions. Each home we build or renovate is as important to us as it is to you. Our talented crew at Red Hammer Builders has honed their craft in high-end custom remodeling and new construction homes. Our expertise encompasses all areas of construction, from beginning budget and concept, through excavation, all phases of building, and final finish work. 

As you embark on this journey in building your new home, renovation, or home addition it is essential to have a trusting relationship with your contractor.  We understand how important  communicating with homeowners, architects, and designers is to a successful project. Maintaining our clients ultimate satisfaction throughout the process and beyond has been key to our success.

New Construction Homes

We believe your home should be as unique as you are. This is where you will have lasting memories with friends and family. Which is why when we build a custom new home, we work with you to ensure every detail is best suited to your lifestyle. We bring quality workmanship when bringing your ideas to life in a thoughtfully built home.

Our process revolves around what materials, design, and build method will work best for who is living there. If you are already working with an architect or interior designer, we love to collaborate with them throughout the process.

*Plans pictured developed with Red Barn Architecture

Home Additions

A home addition should be well designed to enhance your home’s existing structure. Adding on to your home can feel complicated which is why we take the time to guide you through this exciting process. If you love where you live, then adding on to your current home is the best way to enhance your home. 

We review with you whether or not building up or out will make the most sense for your home. Your home addition should feel like it belongs with your home. We have worked with a number of local architects and interior designers that help refine these important details.


Remodeling is one of the easiest ways to add immediate value to your home. We can transform a dated, too small kitchen into one that feels modern and reflects your lifestyle needs. Remodeling your home can include things like: changing a floor plan, updating your kitchen, adding or removing walls, updating bathrooms, flooring, etc. Whatever it may be, it is a chance to give your home a whole new look.


Restoring an older home is an excellent opportunity to maintain your home’s architectural details. With our expertise it is possible to maintain the charm and detail of your antique home while bringing it into the modern century. Replacing older windows, adding energy efficient insulation and modern day comforts will enhance your experience of living in a historical home.