Out with the old in with the old for this 18th century home.

Restoring a colonial home requires great care and attention to detail. The owner wanted to update his home whilst staying true to the original architecture. While this family thoroughly enjoys their nearly 300 year old home, they would like to enjoy a few of todays comforts. Insulation. The crumbling plaster walls were taken down to the wooden lath. We rebuilt the plaster walls with air-tight insulation and replaced the once drafty windows with new Anderson series. To maintain the character of the period we built new custom trim for the windows, paneling, an doors. Details like these are some of our favorite to do. They can really bring a home to life.

When restoring the walls and rebuilding the entryway we chose to expose the original beams of the home. The natural beauty of these timbers give the room a fresh new look while revealing its history.